What Happened to AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition?


You’ve no doubt landed on this page because you wanted to download and/or get a registration code for AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition. I’m sorry to say, but we have had to discontinue the ‘Personal Edition’ of the software.

It was a great social experiment that we were all excited about trying. It failed.

We gave out 12,193 free copies of AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition. It was intended to be used for personal and open-source projects. Unfortunately, it was also used for business/commercial projects. Far too many of them in fact.

We’re not a huge company. We’re actually just a handful of people working really hard at making cool software products. We rely on sales of our products to put food on the table and a roof over our heads (sure, we put some beers in the fridge too – we’re not working 24/7).

So, that’s the end of that chapter. Thanks for being a part of it, and sorry it had to end this way.

But wait! Don’t fear…

AutoPlay Media Studio is going strong. We just don’t have a free version for you anymore.

You can purchase a full commercial license for only $295 (USD). Your support goes a long way towards making sure we can keep making cool software. If you truly can’t afford that, contact us and explain what you’re working on and what your situation is. We’ve been known to help people out when they’re in a jam.


Colin Adams
Indigo Rose Software