Impressive Multimedia Handling

AutoPlay Media Studio excels at combining diverse media types into a single application. There are objects like QuickTime, Flash, Slideshow and Video among them. Even the audio handling features alone can save you weeks of work. For example, creating voiceovers on top of background music tracks are a snap. In fact, you can play up to eight channels of audio simultaneously with automatic selection of either hardware or software mixing.

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Audio Settings

Multi-Channel Audio Mixing

Your projects can take advantage of the fastest, most advanced sound effect and music handling engine available anywhere! You can play up to 8 channels of audio simultaneously with automatic selection of either hardware or software mixing. Most incredibly, it does not require any version of DirectSound or DirectX to be installed, using them only if available.

Background Music

Add a bunch of music files to the play list, and they’ll play in the background while your project runs. All of the music is automatically mixed in real-time with mouse-over sound effects and up to 6 other channels, such as audio narration.

Advanced Graphics Handling with Image Transparency, Shadows and Blending

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Advanced Graphics Handling with Image Transparency, Shadows and BlendingNo competitive tool can match AutoPlay Media Studio when it comes to fast and efficient handling of complex graphics files. With our support for 32-bit PNG images, you gain access to incredible shadow effects, blending options, opacity levels and full alpha channel information. In simple terms, it means that your projects will look better than ever!

Image Object

Display pictures and other graphics in both 256 colors and 16.7 million colors. Supports all the major image file formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF and TIF. Supports interactive resizing, transparency, alpha channel, variable opacity, mouse over and click sounds, tooltip, cursor changes and more. Dynamically reduces and increases image color depth to work on all monitors and display cards.

Improved! Video Object

Embed digital video into your pages, like AVI, MPEG and WMV. You can make use of the skinable control panel for controlling the video and an extensive action set if you require the video’s playback to be controlled internally. In AutoPlay Media Studio 8, the Video object has been modernized with a variety of new graphic styles. Choose from attractive new blue, green and gray skins. If you don’t find a style you like, it’s super easy to create your own video transport skins using Photoshop or any other graphics editor. We’ve also made the skin format more flexible, removing the constraining height restrictions that may have hampered your creativity in the past.

Improved! Flash Object with External Interface Support

Play Adobe Flash movies right on your page! It’s even possible for your project to interact directly with the flash SWF file, through the use of FSCommands and variables. An extremely popular format for animations, videos, demos and many other tasks. In AutoPlay Media Studio 8, the Adobe Flash object now supports calling and responding to Flash actionscript functions with the addition of the new “Flash.CallFunction” and “Flash.SetReturnValue” actions and new “OnFlashCall” event. Access to Flash’s external API opens up many new uses for the Flash object and advanced interaction with your AutoPlay Media Studio application such as playing FVL video files using a Flash loader.

NEW! QuickTime Object

Thanks to the new Apple QuickTime object, Your AutoPlay Media Studio applications are now compatible with over 80 video, audio and image formats. Video formats include .MOV, .DV, .M4V, .MP4 and dozens more – including the amazing h.264 format. Audio formats include .AAC, .AIF, .M4A, .MP3, etc. Visual formatting options let you lock an aspect ratio, resize the media to fit the object dimensions or center it within the object area. Border styles include 3D, plain or none.

Startup Video or Flash Movie

Start your project up with an introductory video or flash animation. It can run full screen and makes an eye catching start to your project. Of course, there are a variety of options for customization including size and background color.

Slideshow Object

The slideshow object allows you to show a series of images in a set area. It supports automatic resizing and scaling as well as transitions between images.

NEW! PDF Object

AutoPlay Media Studio now features integrated support for displaying Adobe Acrobat PDF documents right in your application. This highly requested feature also gives you full control over the display and formatting. You can show/hide toolbars, scrollbars and borders. Layout options include “Single Page”, “One Column”, “Two Columns” and “User Preference”. View options include “Fit Page”, “Fit Page Width”, “Fit Page Height” and “Actual Size”.

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