Technical Support

AutoPlay Media Studio is fortunate to have a large and helpful community of users. You’ll find that the discussion forums are a friendly and welcoming place.

To get the most out of the community forums, we recommend that you first try to solve your problem using one of these self-help resources:

You’ll find that a little bit of reading and effort on your part will pay huge dividends in the future!

Paid Software Maintenance and Support

Once you purchase AutoPlay Media Studio, if you find that the self-help and community methods aren’t for you, Indigo Rose Software’s Support and Maintenance Plan includes the following benefits:

  • Minor Version Updates
  • Major Version Upgrades
  • Personal Web/Email Technical Support

AutoPlay Media Studio licenses comes with 90 days of free support and maintenance, however we are currently extending this to a full 6 months at no extra charge.

Full details can be found on the Indigo Rose Software Technical Support page.