The AutoPlay Media Studio App Showcase

Thanks to the thousands of new AutoPlay Media Studio developers out there, there are tons of cool new Windows apps available.

To help spread the word about these new applications, utilities, games and whatnot, we’re going to be highlighting some of them here on

If you’d like to see the software you made using AutoPlay Media Studio featured here, please go submit it in the AutoPlay Media Studio Showcase Forum and we’ll try and get it up here at some point!

Or, of course, you can also browse the AutoPlay Media Studio forums and see everything as it happens… ๐Ÿ™‚


About AutoPlay Media Studio

AutoPlay Media Studio is Indigo Rose Software's popular visual app development tool for Windows. It's the industry standard for creating AutoPlay Menus for CD/DVD's, plus it's an extremely easy to use visual multimedia software development system.